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a house is more than an investment. it's your home, and the stage on which the story of your life unfolds.

I’ve built my business and my reputation on honouring my client’s connection to their homes. Whether they are selling their family home or looking for a place to start, I’ve always believed that the choice should be one that adds to their legacy or provides the starting point for the next chapter in their story. I do this because I care about my client’s homes and communities.

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How to sell your home

Statistically, the best time to sell is Spring or Summer, but the market may fluctuate based on external pressures such as low interest rates or immigration and investment. Often, sellers have personal reasons to sell which may not line up with seasonal trends. To weigh everything in the balance and make a decision, it’s best to talk to an experienced realtor. 

The single most important characteristic for choosing a realtor should be personal fit. They should conduct their business in a way that prioritizes your needs and goals. They should communicate with you clearly and in a way that helps you understand the process. Find a realtor who has reviews and testimonials from clients that make you feel confident and comfortable.

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vancouver Condos

A condominium is a large property complex divided into individual units and sold. Ownership usually includes a nonexclusive interest in certain community property controlled by the condominium management. Condominium management is usually made up of a board of unit owners who sees to the day-to-day operation of the complex, such as lawn maintenance and snow removal.

vancouver Houses

A house is a single-family dwelling usually two floors or more. Typically they do not share a wall with another house, but may share some structure in the case of duplexes and fourplexes. Typically a house is individually owned and situated on it’s own property. A house will have independent plumbing and electrical systems. Many houses have secondary suites that can be rented out. House owners are responsible for all care and maintenance of their home.

vancouver Townhouses

A townhouse is a single-family dwelling with at least two floors that share a wall with another house. Unlike duplexes or fourplexes, however, each townhouse is individually owned. Townhouses are most common in areas where land is in short supply and property prices are high. Since townhouses share walls with neighbors, they make the most of the space they have, which makes them a deal compared to freestanding single-family homes.

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