Resources for Downsizing and Aging In Place

As Vancouver’s population ages, the question arises whether or not to downsize or continue living in the family home (also known as Aging In Place). There’s no easy answer to this question, but there are ways to approach answering it that can bring clarity and agreement for everyone involved.

Over time I hope to gather to together some helpful resources on the topics of downsizing, rightsizing, and aging in place. For a start, here’s some insightful and practical information from the CMHC.

  1. Low-Cost or No-Cost Home Modifications for Seniors and People with a Disability
  2. Maintaining Seniors’ Independence Through Home Adaptations – Self Assessment Guide
  3. Choosing the right home for the next phase of your life

If you find these resources helpful, I’d love to here from you. Let me know on Facebook.