3 objections your aging parents will have to downsizing

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I meet a lot of elderly people when working in my neighbourhood, and I have the opportunity to talk with their adult children from time to time. From my conversations I’ve learned 3 areas of concern and objection that you may encounter when talking to your aging parents or loved ones about downsizing

Top 3 Renovation Challenges Elderly Homeowners Face

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There is a sense of identity and dignity that comes from being in the familiarity of your home. But many of these houses are older, dating from the 1930s to the 1950s. What are the challenges to growing old with dignity, and without worry of physical injury? Are there typical renovation challenges?

3 Reasons to Grow Old at Home

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The discussion about growing old often centers around downsizing, retirement homes and assisted living, but for many people there are good reasons to grow old at home. A quick Google search will reveal many lists of reasons why you should consider staying in your home as you grow older.