3 Reasons to Grow Old at Home

The discussion about growing old often centers around downsizing, retirement homes and assisted living, but for many people there are good reasons to grow old at home. A quick Google search will reveal many lists of reasons why you should consider staying in your home as you grow older.

These are my top 3 reasons to grow old at home

1. Finances

If you’ve been in your home for a decade or more, you probably paid way less than current market value for it. If you’ve paid off your mortgage, then your monthly housing expenses may be very low. Compare that to a retirement home where you pay for services and programs that you may not want or need. If you’re healthy and your house suits your needs, your best financial choice may be to stay there.

It’s also worth considering how much it would cost to bring your house up to date with current trends and styles in order to make it desirable in today’s real estate market. An older home that isn’t in keeping with modern styles can attract buyers looking for a cheap deal.

If you’re comfortable and safe in your home, and you are happy with it’s style, then why not stay and grow old there?

2. Comfort

Home is where you have the most comfort and peace. Everything is where you expect it to be and the things you need for day to day living are close at hand. If you’ve been in your home for a long time then you have routines and habits that are closely connected to your physical surroundings. Your memories and emotions are attached to the rooms, the decor, the views out the window, the way the sun shines through the house during different seasons. All of these things make up the emotional fabric of each day, and changing them can be jarring and painful.

Moving into a retirement home or assisted living will mean that you have to adjust to the schedules, organization and decor of a place that is trying to appeal to everyone. The loss of personal comfort may be too high a price to pay if you’re still capable of living happily and safely at home.

3. Independence

Your freedom and independence are crucial to your mental and emotional health as you grow older. If you choose to grow old at home you will be able to stay involved in your community and interact with friends and neighbours that you’ve known for years.

Discuss it with your loved ones

Those are the three of the biggest reasons why you should try to grow old in your own home if you can. A word of caution though: you should be prepared to discuss these things with your loved ones. They may be able to bring another perspective that will help you make the wisest decision about your long-term living arrangements as you get older. In some cases, you may not be able to adapt your current home to your future needs.

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