Vancouver Infill House

Our Vancouver infill house: first steps

I think infill houses are the future for many of the larger properties in Vancouver. They make better use of space and provide density while still maintaining some of the character of the neighbourhood. I expect to see a lot of projects combining infill houses with renovations of existing homes. Many of the lots in Vancouver can easily support three or four dwellings. I think it’s a very important and practical way to help address affordability by increasing the supply of single family homes.

When should I sell my home?

When Should I Sell My Home?

When discussing real estate people often spend most of the conversation on house prices and market conditions. But the reality is that selling your home is often more of a lifestyle decision than a purely economic decision. Given a healthy local market for homes like yours, what lifestyle changes will help you know when you should sell your home?

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3 Reasons to Grow Old at Home

The discussion about growing old often centers around downsizing, retirement homes and assisted living, but for many people there are good reasons to grow old at home. A quick Google search will reveal many lists of reasons why you should consider staying in your home as you grow older.