Before selling your home, make a plan

If you’re thinking of selling your home, the most important step you can take is the one that prepares you for success. You need to have a plan that guides your decisions and helps you keep a clear head throughout the process. 

People who take the time to make a real estate plan are more likely to get top price for their home while experiencing less stress and indecision throughout the home selling journey. 

That’s why I worked with my team to create our Seller’s Guide. It’s purpose is to prepare people for the eventual day that they will sell their home by showing them what the process looks like from start to finish. Many people find it much easier to make the decision to sell when they know what to expect. 

Just like financial and estate planning, real estate planning is a wise choice that prepares you for the future. 

The Seller’s Guide is a glossy printed 28 page booklet which we would be happy to hand-deliver to you. If you’re interested you can contact me by phone at 604-800-3271.

Or you can download a PDF copy right now by visiting

I also encourage you to get familiar with the Realtor Code of Ethics. It’s important to be informed about which practices are approved and what your legal safeguards are. You can learn more here:

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