5 difficulties when building an infill house in Vancouver

Building an infill house in Vancouver

The idea of building an infill house in Vancouver seems very appealing, especially for people who have lived in their existing home for a long time. If you have the right zoning, it’s possible to stratify your property so that you can build and sell an infill house. You can keep your home and free up your equity for other things. The income from selling the infill house could pay for your retirement, your children’s education or maybe help someone in your family buy thier first home. 

Infill and Laneway house construction in vancouver

Vancouver Infill House

In our last blog post we talked about our desire, motivation and challenges for building an infill house. In response, one reader asked for an explanation of the difference between infill and laneway houses. I’ll attempt to briefly answer her question. There are a lot of regulations and bylaws around infill and laneway house construction in Vancouver. I won’t try to cover everything. I’ve linked to some City of Vancouver resources at the end of this post.

Our Vancouver infill house: hopeful first steps

Vancouver Infill House

I think infill houses are the future for many of the larger properties in Vancouver. They make better use of space and provide density while still maintaining some of the character of the neighbourhood. I expect to see a lot of projects combining infill houses with renovations of existing homes. Many of the lots in Vancouver can easily support three or four dwellings. I think it’s a very important and practical way to help address affordability by increasing the supply of single family homes.