Selling the home of an Elderly Family Member

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There are many homeowners throughout Kerrisdale and Metro Vancouver who find themselves in the later part of their life. Many are not able to live in their own home any longer. The typical approach to listing and selling their homes may not be appropriate. Special real estate skills may be necessary to guide all parties through the process. You may be dealing with diminished capacities, family considerations, financial considerations and other compounding factors. In Vancouver and increasingly throughout British Columbia, your elderly family member will also have to deal with the difficult issue of affordability. This increases the need to deal very carefully and patiently with everyone who is involved. Doing so will ensure that the seller retains as much of the sales income as possible.

Before selling your home, make a plan

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If you’re thinking of selling your home, the most important step you can take is the one that prepares you for success. You need to have a plan that guides your decisions and helps you keep a clear head throughout the process. People who take the time to make a real estate plan are more likely to get top price for their home while experiencing less stress and indecision throughout the home selling journey. 

3 objections your aging parents will have to downsizing

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I meet a lot of elderly people when working in my neighbourhood, and I have the opportunity to talk with their adult children from time to time. From my conversations I’ve learned 3 areas of concern and objection that you may encounter when talking to your aging parents or loved ones about downsizing