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I’ve focused my career on helping people navigate the complexities of Vancouver real estate with confidence and peace of mind, always mindful of the stress and uncertainty that my clients sometimes experience, and always countering that uncertainty with an unwaivering determination to do what is best for them, their goals and their future.

Building relationships of trust

Della has helped us buy our first home and then sell it and buy our second home. We appreciate that she listens to what is important to you, and doesn't try and sell you things you don't want. She curates the homes in your neighborhood and budget so well and is very responsive to arrange viewings, multiple of the same home if needed. She points of things to consider that can really influence your decision, like large upcoming projects or red flags. She is kind and considerate. I never felt like she was giving us less time or attention because we had a small budget which we are super grateful for. We have been immensely happy with the homes we purchased with her guidance and support. She made the difficult sell/buy same day thing much less stressful. We highly recommend her! She's the only realtor we will ever use.

Marella & Luke Fallat

There are so many things I could say about our experience with Della, but I will just name a few. Besides being friendly and putting you at ease right away, she is also incredibly professional. We have never met any realtor who is so thorough. Della put just as much effort into the small details as she did the big ones. Always made us feel that she was watching out for our best interests so even with some difficult decisions, after discussing things with her, we always felt that we had been guided to the best possible choice, even if it meant not selling right away and waiting for the market to improve. Fast and efficient too. Della is our realtor for life and we have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Dwayne & Joanne Mitchell

We are so grateful for Della's 'above and beyond' support as our realtor while we were purchasing our first home in Kitsilano, BC. Della offered us great current and historic knowledge of the local area and insight every step along the way from what to look for/avoid, to how to make an offer. Della's years of Vancouver real estate experience gave us a lot to lean back on when making such a significant decision.Della was incredibly responsive and patient, quickly getting back to us with thoughtful answers to even the most basic questions. We loved that Della took the time to really get to know us as a couple, appreciate the stage of life we were in and what we were looking for in a home. Ultimately she helped us find a condo that has been just perfect for us in a community we love!

Jeremy & Sarah Van Horn

Della is very knowledgeable and experienced. She is sincere, caring, and really understood my goals. After a long and fruitless search with another realtor, she guided me successfully through a tight market to find the ideal spot for me. I highly recommend her!

Linda Helling