Della is very honest and competent

Della is very honest and competent. She made the process of selling my property simple and straightforward and I have always been very pleased with the outcome. She has been my agent for a number of real estate transactions and I have recommended her to several members of my family. My mother listed her home, and purchased a new home with Della as her agent. My daughter also bought a home with Della’s trusted help and guidance.

Helen Pafos

I trust Della and would highly recommend her

Della was our agent in the purchase of our house and the sale of our townhouse. Her experience and confidence led us to sell our townhouse at the top of the market for considerably more than what any other realtor had led us to believe was possible. We took her advice as to when to list and were thrilled with the outcome. Della has integrity and truly cares about the people she is dealing with. She has a respectful and gracious way of doing business that instills confidence in her clients. She listened to us and really sought the best possible house for us to purchase. And Della doesn’t leave you at the door, so to speak, she checks in to make sure that you are happy with your purchase and that all went well.

I trust Della and would highly recommend her.

Voya Yawney

Della walked me through each step of the buying process

Being a first time home buyer in an intimidating real estate market like Vancouver, I was worried about navigating all the logistics and finding a home I liked at a fair market price. Della walked me through each step of the buying process and found and provided me with comparison information of similar properties in the area so that I could make an informed decision about putting in an offer on the place I liked.

I think my favourite part was once I had my offer accepted and could then start imagining the place as my home and what I was going to do with it! It was also fun and interesting looking at various condos with Della as I began my search, which gave me a better sense of the range of what was available in my price-range as well as just fun to see the layout of different places!

Della was a great realtor to have as a new home buyer. From the very beginning when we first met, she provided me with information and tips to start thinking about the buying process. She set up showings based on my “must have” list as well as threw in a few other possibilities. Della was very responsive every step of the way. She was patient in answering all my questions and was also a sounding board for my worries. While she let me get my own “feel” for a place, I was also confident that she would let me know if something wasn’t right or if there were concerns with a place we saw. I didn’t know all the questions I should ask, so having this sense of confidence that Della was making sure I wouldn’t have “buyer’s regret” was reassuring.

Kim Zebehazy


I knew I could trust her and her advice

I had no fear in hiring Della. I knew I could trust her and her advice because she has been a realtor for a long time. My favorite part of buying a home is looking at some options and wondering how will my life in that place will be. I am a romantic, I know. Della told me that I should be patient. My home will come and that I shouldn’t get anything that I am not 100% sure about.  I appreciate the no rush attitude. I will definitely recommend Della and say that patience in finding the property that suits your needs is a part of the process. She is very good at negotiating a fair price.

Working with Della was such a relief

My wife and I were nervous about buying our first home. There seemed to be an overwhelming number of things that we needed to consider, and with such a big purchase, we were worried about making a mistake. Working with Della was such a relief. She has a tremendous amount of experience and knows what to look for and what to avoid. I’d heard stories about some realtors telling you whatever you needed to hear in order to close a sale, but Della was honest and genuinely interested in ensuring we were happy with our new home. And we are! Thank you, Della!

Michael & Irene Legace

Della Gough Vancouver Realtor

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